Abhishek Kar

A fresh 24 year old engineering graduate, currently working on my masters thesis (final year). The thesis involves study of wireless sensor networks along with the implementation of the ZigBee protocol.

My hobbies involve keeping up to date with any form of technological innovations and advancements. My interests do, however, span beyond my field of study. I enjoy painting, sketching, cooking and playing any form of sports as long as i am well versed with the basics. I am an avid ameteur photographer and have picked it up as my main hobby. (Click on the 500px link below to check out my portfolio). I am currently playing cricket on a provincial level and am currently the vice president of the UNB cricket Club.

I am a very practical and fast learner. With the right training & guidance i can assure a profitable performance. This would involve anything beyond my field of study too.

I guess i will leave the rest to the people curious enough to further learn about me.

You know where to find me..