Abhishek Ramchandran

Student, Web Developer, and Consultant in Brooklyn, New York

I am a final year student pursuing my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Manipal University Jaipur. Ever since childhood the magical world of computers has fascinated me. I am a hard working, friendly, curious, creative, enthusiatic and a dedicated person. For me what matters more in life is the work that is done, rewards are just perks of doing the job. I love kids and am part of a NGO called "Gramiksha" which is oriented towards the academic growth of children from deprived families. According to me "Knowledge is power! Education is a gift that needs to be presented to the very grass root levels of childhood." There will be a day when young leaders like us spring up and take this wonderful world of ours to a brighter future!

I love sketching and painting. Art inspires me so much that i feel I'm possesed by it! If I had all the time in the world, I would rather sit in front of a painting and try figuring out the true meaning of it. Music is like my second love. Without music, I would be another lost soul in this world. From Beethoven to Iron Maiden, From Greenday to Brad Paisley... I love it, I hear it!

Dancing has now been a hot new favorite for me. You can actually feel free as a bird when you dance!

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    • Manipal University Jaipur
    • Loyola High School & Jr. College