Zhalya Abiyeva

Self-development, Inspirational Author and Origami Paper Crafts in Azerbaijan, Baku

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My name is Zhalya Abiyeva. I live in Azerbaijan, Baku. I am a Self-development coach specializing in teaching people how to realize their desires in all areas of life by using precise methods for best results. My teachings are based on the following statement: Everything is possible to you if you learn how to do what you want to do. I also teach that the realization of desires does not depend on your current circumstances and failures. You can always start from where you are now to create the life you are dreaming to live. It is possible for everyone and the first step is to desire the change. The second step is learning the laws of success. The third step is to put to practice what you have learnt.

I am also an Author of inspirational poetry. My mission and my poetry is to uplift everyone and make everyone feel happiness and positive feelings because happy person is a healthy person.

A few month ago I began to study Origami paper folding art. At first, it was just a pleasant hobby. I gave many beautiful presents to my friends and family members. Now I provide beautiful paper crafts for my customers to purchase and I also teach this art to kids and adults. What I advise as self-development coach is that give your attention to beauty around you, add more beauty to your dwelling space, do something you love - any activity that makes you happy is attracting more happiness into your life. Creative work is a wonderful remedy for everyone against negativity, anxiety and fear. That is why I love to teach Origami art to children and adults. Choose Happiness! Choose Origami! :)

  • Work
    • Self-improvement Coach
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science, Jurisprudence