Abner J. Muñiz

Aguadilla Puerto Rico

Abner Joel Muñiz, was born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico on 1986. At early age took input in activities, performing, singing and public speaking. It was always chosen from a group to lead and represent the team no matter the complexity of what is taking place.

Abner is known as a leader, entrepreneur, visionary, communicator, motivator, musician and a great Social Media Marketing Specialist for different brands.

The challenges, changes and innovation are part of a routine and lifestyle of this dreamer who does not seek to remain in a state of conformity but in a spirit of improvement and motivation positively to impact society.

"The future of the world is in transforming our minds."
- Abner J Muñiz

- As a musician
At the age of 10 not only used to sing but also played drums and piano, then at the age of 15 years realized that there were no Bass Guitarists in the area and this caught the attention and took this opportunity to get involved with this important and necessary instrument in music.
And it was for Christmas in 2001 when his parents bought him a bass guitar and here officially began in his music career.
Abner had just learned the basics of the bass when he started playing in his Church. He played in several bands and always remained active practicing and performing his instrument.
With years of experience in the music industry as "Worship leader" teaching and training other musicians and then released to the field of music as a freelance bassist and stage performer in the genre of Hard Rock, Pop, Metal, Latin, Salsa, Merengue, Jazz, R&B and others.
Abner has also played, recorded and/or shared the stage with artists known as Air Supply, Esperanza de Vida from Spain, Christine D 'Clario, Jacobo Ramos, “Los Skaterrestres”, Harold Guerra, Daniel Calveti, Michael Rodriguez, Revoluzión Stereo, Ingrid Rosario and The Radicalled Movement among others.

Currently Abner manages and plays bass guitar with artist Ema Rodz & Juan Carlos Rosa.

  • Work
    • Redefine, Corp.
  • Education
    • Business Administration and Marketing
    • Management and Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Marketing and Advertising