Abraham Tugalov

Web Developer and Youtuber in Tashkent

Abraham Tugalov

Web Developer and Youtuber in Tashkent

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Hi there!

I’m Abraham, a web developer living in Tashkent.
I've started learning technologies far at ~2009, in that days my first programming language was QBasic.
After understanding it's oldness, i've started to learn Python along with being hired as a Django developer.

> Many years have passed.
Right now im mainly PHP developer, my occupation is callled "Full Stack Web Developer" and means, that I'm skilled to use languages, like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and of course PHP.

I also like everything about web, i.e. web designing, wireframing, experimenting, optimizing, writing daemons and that kind of stuff.

Also I'm using Linux OS right now, though I can't say that I'm a high skilled system administrator.
Things like installing LAMP (or LEMP), writing simple Bash scripts etc.

As you can understand, pure passion for me is high technologies and being a part of it - best feeling for me.

p.s. Thanks for reading, if you did, and visit my social network account. bb.


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