Abraham Omobhude

Developing an interest for technology and business at a very young age, he set out to change the world by building products and offering services that will be of use to consumers.

He is originally from the western part of Africa, Nigeria, he is the founder/CEO of a technology start-up ReBlux Inc. which was founded in June 2011, along with four other co-founders. ReBlux aims at bringing a revolution in the way people connect, advertise, and share songs and videos online.

He later went off to start Obsessed Glamour later rebranded to Have-a-look Inc. with a motive to promote and develop technology in Africa, enabling other start-up companies to grow at a rapid rate. To get an insight, visit: http://obsessedglamour.coolpage.biz.

He is a die hard entrepreneur, a programmer, a motivational speaker, author and investor. Good at organising a team to create great features and products. Hobbies include: blogging, reading, programming and writing.

This is how he describes his personality, his work, and his feelings.

"Am twice as good when working at a job that I believe in, since my feelings add energy to my efforts. I see the needs of the moment and try to meet them. I want my work to contribute to something that matters to me, human understanding, happiness, or health. I want to have a purpose beyond my networth , no matter how much I am worth. I am a perfectionist whenever I deeply care about something, and am particularly suited for a job that requires both devotion and a large measure of adaptability. I want to make a difference in the world I live."

Check out his blog at: http://techandpersonalview.blogspot.com/