Abstract By Michael

Abstract By Michael

A senior executive by day, Michael deftly navigates the professional realm of research, strategy, meetings and more, all bound by hard and fast deadlines and slick mobile devices. But when the workday ends, so does the corporate mindset. And the only structure to speak of is an easel.

For Michael, painting is a break from the planned and programmed. It's about mood and instinct. Visualizing a space and letting inspiration dictate how to fill it. There are no rules or conventions. No bounds and barriers. It's simply form, color and intuition coming together at a moment. That spontaneity and freedom inform his work with a lightness and purity that can be perceived almost immediately.

Of course, Michael didn't come to his craft without study. He learned the rules in order to bend them. Michael won recognition and awards throughout his youth and went on to formally study architectural design. Among his professional pursuits, he is an accomplished graphic designer, developing brand collateral including logos, websites, print materials and more, for clients of diverse scope. Working within multimedia environments enables him to continually experiment with color, contrast, symmetry and other integral aspects of design. And it instills his fine art with a forward-thinking point of view.

Perhaps it's that technical ingenuity that compels him to explore new and unconventional means for applying paint to canvas. A brush is not his implement of choice. Instead, Michael works with sponges, spatulas, squeeze bottles and other everyday objects to create shapes and patterns. And drawing from his architectural background, Michael sometimes constructs apparatus to manipulate gravity and centrifugal force to carry out his vision. The result is an organic layering of texture and color that are a hallmark of his work.

Michael's art has been showcased in galleries in New York City, Chicago, Miami, Detroit, Boston and Columbus, Ohio. His oil painting, "New York by Michael," has been tapped for publication in the upcoming book, An Artist's View - New York. His original works and prints are displayed by supporters nationwide but he graciously counts his daughter, Natasha, as his biggest fan.

For more about the artist and his works including pricing information and upcoming showings, please visit www.abstractbymichael.com.