Megan Sawyer

Designer and Small Business Owner in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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I am a corset maker. It's not a profession that you hear many people doing, but it's what I'm doing, and I love it. I even have a business where I make and sell these corsets - both online, at comic conventions, and in stores.

Absynthetika Designs was established in 2007 with a good friend of mine in the hopes that this might be a nice little hobby that would keep us busy and make a little bit of money on the side. As we got more and more involved, we got more and more serious about what we were doing. As life happens, in 2013 I became sole proprietor and have since launched the business into a new phase.

Now, I vend at fan conventions around the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and even further than that. I sell out of stores and I'm always looking for new opportunities to try and new places to vend my work.

- M