AbdulQadir Al-Ameen

AbdulQadir Al-Ameen

Thanks a lot for taking your precious time to visit my page!

I have been an optimist all of my life .So, I enjoy writing inspirational and motivational words. My cherished desire is to inspire and motivate people. I believe word therapy gives the best relief and leaves an everlasting impact on mind ,and soul. If I've succeeded in healing at least one person in one day by my words then it's a good day for me as well - I will be the happiest person on the earth.

It's my act of caring for humanity. My journey for growth, charity and love.

If you enjoy reading and/or sharing quotes, you will find ample to choose from on my Facebook Page , and Twitter . My quotes and sayings offer: *Inspiration *Motivation *Positivity *Words Of Wisdom *Food-For-Thought *Life Lessons.

Get to know me before you make any assumptions.
Don't judge this book by its cover. I might just be the one to change your life!
God Bless!

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