Britta Achenbach

journalist and translator in Köln, Deutschland

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Autumn colours, a good pun, interesting people on the train, a song accidentally being played on just the right occasion, an unexpected smile - I am susceptible for the beauty of and the tiny miracles in everyday things. Things we tend to overlook just because we are too busy minding our own business. Taking a break from your own worries and the world´s catastrophes by looking for the little everyday-wonders right in front of you is a pretty simple way to ground yourself. Go out. Seek beauty. Enjoy wit. Be amazed.

I am a journalist and medical writer with a degree in history of art, English language and literature, and English and American history. Apart from that I am a collector of berries and creative ideas, a nest-builder, a photography as well as animal and nature lover, a Trekkie and a dog mum.

  • Work
    • Biermann Medien
  • Education
    • University of Cologne
    • Journalisten-Zentrum Haus Busch