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Achint Sehgal

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

Failure is the best friend of success. I realized it after a ton of failure came my way and the quota of my failure had finished. Life wasn't going great after being rejected and humiliated by friends, family, colleges and companies. My fear was education, not because I hated it but I could never pass any exam.

Hardly any people existed who could say, they were happy in their life, I wasn't a part of them either. I always knew that my brain can learn. Through a different angle, I saw I had everything needed to be successful and happy, if I find the formula for it. I started dreaming. Dreaming is good for health, it gave me a vision of my future. The journey from India to America for education, was least expected from me. Accomplishing the least expected, gave me goose bumps. Living the dream of millions was enough to make me high and happy.

I believe, we get two choices, one is to live with it, cry about our failures, let the world embarrass us, or, we can play along, defeat the failure, conquer our fears and knock it down. Every problem comes with a solution, most of the times we don't have a solution. The key is to bluff, lie to yourself that, you got this one and there's nothing to be scared of.

Failure-success, sorrow-happiness is a state of mind, if you are convinced of your choice, the world will follow.