streamer and painter of little plastic people in Brookings, South Dakota

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It would seem you have found my collection of links and other places where my reach has infiltrated the internet!! shame I'll have to kill you now... in the name of CHAOS!! Wait... hold up. No, that's not right. Sorry.

Let's try this again. Hello! Below you will find links to my various little corners of the inter-wubbles. Feel free to click them, come explore what it is I do!

That said. For those of you who are completely new to this experience my name is 4B6174 and I am a long distance agent... ehm... minion of the forces of Chaos. Tzeentch, Kefka, Cthulhu... I've worked for them all. i think. There really isn't a whole lot to do in these lands, however. So, I'm filling the time painting miniature plastic thingies.

Most commonly you can find me on twitch. Distracting... I mean entertaining the masses! Yes... there are no plans in place to keep you all distracted!! No... none at all. MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ... -ahem