Connie Robinson Long

Jacksonville, Florida

Who do you call when... you have an issue with a roof leak after a storm or electrical outlets that don't work in only one room? What about a commode that does not stop flushing or a garage door opener that makes so much noise you know it is on its last leg? Or maybe it is time for a new roof, a new electrical service panel or you need to re-plumb your house due to a slab leak. We have all had these types of problems. But who do you call? Many homeowners put off calling a contractor to do the repair because they think that it will cost too much, and/or that they will be taken advantage of, or "the guy" does not show-up for the appointment when you have taken off work to let him in. Sound familiar?

Action Team Residential Connections is the team to call when home issues arise. After 20 + years in the real estate industry, buying, selling, and renovating, we have seen plenty of contractors. We provide dependable, reputable, licensed/insured and customer friendly contractors that can do a great job. They will show up for the appointment, assess the problem, explain the details and give you a quote at a fair price. All you have to do is make the call to Action Team and we will get you the right contractor so you can stop worrying about all of those nagging repairs.

Providing contractor services for new Roofs, roof repairs and maintenance, Electrical, Plumbing, Doors-Windows, Garage doors, Glass replacement, A/C and Heat. If you have a need, let us know. We have a toolbox of contractors that are ready to help. They can do small jobs and larger more complex jobs.

"With Action Team Residential Connections, one call can do it all for your home maintenance and improvement needs"