Panduro Vad

The excitement of Nevada lies not merely in its leave and casinos but meters up in the air when you skydive your way in-to one of the most remarkable experiences of your life. A few of Vegas intense activities stores offer combination jumps and accelerated free fall (AFF). In the event you choose to dig up new info on find out more, we know of many libraries people should think about pursuing. Enjoy the views of the Las Vegas Strip. Mount Charleston. For a second interpretation, consider checking out: blue mil spec paracord. Red Rock Canyon as you prepare for the ride of your daily life. Free-fall for over 60 seconds and then a 5-7 minute parachute descent is sufficient to leave you asking for more.

Nevada Skydiving Center

The Nevada Skydiving Center offers people above age 18 and in good health a chance to do combination jumps with a skilled jumpmaster. After some basic training you'll gear up and fly up to an altitude of almost 2 miles and freefall for almost a moment at 120 mph and then easily descend to the world inside your square parachute. With an increase of than 14.000 jumps the principle instructor at Vegas Skydiving Center may be the most experienced skydiver in Nevada. For jumpers who wish to simply take on more serious skydiving on offer is the accelerated freefall or AFF system. This is basically a 7 jump course that's accompanied by solo skydiving!

Plans and Prices

Tandem leaps charge $185. but be aware of discounts during special times such as the early fall sales event. A deposit of $29.75 is necessary ahead of time. High level Free-fall Programs (AFF) begin at $224 per level of system and $99 for ground school. After you graduate and are willing to leap solo you may continue doing this at the Vegas Skydiving Center where you'll be able to rent equipment and get instruction sessions to refine your skydiving approach.

Skydive Nevada

Based Southeast of Las Vegas at 1401 Airport Road. Boulder City. Skydive Nevada is an extreme sports center that has authorization to land parachutes in the Boulder City Airport. Fly up to the drop zone in a Cessna P206 or even a Cessna Super-Turbine Caravan. At $249 a tandem leap from 15.000 ft. You'll find the pleasure and freedom of skydiving. A $50 per person is needed as an advance. You will find reduced prices offered at differing times of