Adah Duval

With a firm commitment to diversity, Adah-Duval has aligned her professional and personal ventures with uniting brands and the multicultural market via cultural specific messaging. As the owner of ADIMS, an Atlanta based small integrated marketing firm, she has served as a consultant for brands and companies seeking to communicate with and connect to African-American, Hispanic and LGBTQIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex & Questioning) audiences. Adah-Duval has developed and executed events for premiere brands such as MINI, Hennessy, BMW and Miller Coors. Her signature events include:

LovHer,an exclusive monthly event for women & the sexiest experience for your social calendar. It's ladies night for the pleasure of beautiful women.

Tuesday Timeout,an after-work series where business meets pleasure & is designed especially for LGBT professionals .

I.M. Cinema,a monthly film series showcase aimed at providing positive, artistic and accurate depictions of LGBTQIQ community. The series will promote films and filmmakers addressing matters of LGBTQIQ life, expressly matters pertaining to multicultural affairs.