Alessandro Daliana

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Regardless of when, or where, or how rich the family you were born into might have been there is one thing every being on this planet has in common with the everyone else: we struggle to free ourselves from the uncertainties we experience or perceive.

Those of us who are able to be catalysts for others may make a business out of helping our clients through their struggles. These are small business owners. There are many of you on this site as well as out in the world reducing your clients' struggle to build a website, make it look attractive, make it "sticky", drive traffic, and so on. You do this because it is "easy" for you; you have a knack for it. However, you wish it could be a bigger a business.

Scaling a business requires that the business own and/or control a legally recognized asset that underpins your product or service. Products/services customers seek to acquire because it helps them with their struggle to achieve a specific outcome.

The first paragraph is the Uncertainty Model ™ while the second is the ROKC ™ Method, both proprietary products I have developed to help my clients better understand how to approach their businesses. If you want to stop struggling with your business and start leading it then should contact me right away.

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