Conceptual Art About America: Adam Daley Wilson

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Adam Daley Wilson is an emerging American conceptual artist. His work addresses issues of power, society, and culture. His formal conceptual works are at /adamwilson1, while his new graffiti-inspired conceptual works are at /adamwilson.

Fine art influences: Ruscha, Weiner, Kruger, Wool, Holzer, Nauman, Baldessari, Hockney, and more, as well as Street, Graffiti, and Excessivism. Full details via

His art is urgent, exciting, and beholden to no one.

12 major sales in 2016; collectors from NYC to Los Angeles to Miami to Hollywood to Seattle.

  • Work
    • Adam Daley Wilson | SaatchiArt
  • Education
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • Stanford Law School