Adam DeVita

Boca Raton, Florida, United States

I am a leader, a scholar, and a creator. I lead a group of hardworking individuals as captain of the cross country team. I created the North Broward Prep Sailing Club where I lead and teach a group of curious and perspective sailors. I am a scholar, one who is very curious yet accomplished. I am one to ask questions. I am always curious about how to do certain things differently, how to solve problems or answer questions in a different way. Challenging the teachers is my forte. I am always there to confuse my peers in order to learn more and figure out alternate solutions. I am scholar in the classroom, but giver at home. With a grandparent who had Alzheimer’s disease, I was a caretaker, always helping my grandfather complete simple tasks. I was always there for him. I like to create. I like to do things my own way. Whether it be editing a film or directing a group of actors, I love exploring my creative mind. My creativeness allows me to understand daily life better. My creative mind allows me to explore and to be an inventor. I hope that one day that I will be published in a magazine, book, or newspaper as a leader, a creator, and an inventor.

  • Education
    • North Broward Preparatory School