Lancashire, UK


Science missionary, astronomer, iPhoneographer, photographer, filmmaker, broadcaster, writer and musician. First book and film out early 2014, entitled Life Beneath the Northern Lights.

To break my work down succinctly, I will go anywhere, with anyone and do anything in order to try and teach a person to love astronomy, the wider sciences and education as a whole.

There's rather a lot to say about me so please get in touch if you want to talk about my work. Briefly I work in schools and adult education doing astronomy and related activities. I also work with charities founding schools and orphanages, personally focusing particularly on the empowerment of women and girls. I travel a lot to developing countries in this respect.

Writing and photography, iPhoneography all go hand in hand with many different projects I work on.

I always try to improve myself, I am currently undertaking study in digital photography to get better at it.


Northern Lights Business School Business of the Month Award

East Lancashire Newspapers Local Business Accelerator Award

East Lancashire Newspapers Regional Business Accelerator Award

East Lancashire Newspapers National Business Accelerator Award


Four years plus working with schools to deliver innovative science activities, particularly astronomy, space exploration and astrophysics.

Writing, my first book due out this year.

Filmaking, my first film out this year. Filmed in the Arctic, cut back home.

Work abroad. I continue to work in various countries. So far I've delivered education-based work in India, UK and Sweden. In 2014 that will expand to Pakistan, Malawi and elsehwere in Africa. This year I intend to create a Kickstarter campaign to produce a picture book about the young girls of Pakistan with the intention of raising awareness of their lives and the difficulties they have accessing education, healthcare and so forth.

I am always looking for ways to expand what I do and collaborate so please get in touch if you have something to offer, perhaps a project we can work on or something that will work well towards shared aims. My focus is on those with little or no chance in life and who are disengaged from academic opportunities.

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