Adam Goodrich

Sydney, Australia

Our experience of the world is a direct result of the attitudes we have and the behaviours we do.

How much more could we be if we changed our attitudes and our behaviour?

Personal mission: To create the tools, technology and education that enables people to achieve their full potential by helping them to help themselves. Moonshot: To use this to reduce poverty on a global scale.

How I am working towards this: Developing technology that measures and interprets contextual behaviour, and then educates, guides and automates to achieve the desired outcomes. Partnering with domain experts to develop companies that leverage these ideas to deliver disruptive solutions to hard problems. HOTCHIP is an early example of this technology in action.

Background: Adam is an award-winning technologist with nearly thirty years commercial experience in the IT industry, including two years in Silicon Valley / USA.

He is a commercially oriented visionary who thrives on challenge, is people focused, and loves leading teams to envision, create and operate solutions that deliver real value to organisations and their customers.

He has worked in roles ranging from running the technical evangelism team at Microsoft Australia to creating, growing and selling his own startups. His most successful startup so far was a digital agency called C4 Communication which grew to around one hundred people and touched one in four Australians every month.

Adam's passion and career focus is the exploration of behaviour and technology. If you could measure someone or something then what would you know and how would you use that knowledge to help someone? The combination of mobile and digital technology means that this is now possible.

Adam is a solid technologist with the ability to function effectively in a broad range of roles.

Fun: Exploring procedural world generation in Unity 3d. This is an interesting opportunity to explore different ways of communicating with and educating people. In this space I recently launched GAIA - a system that enables the rapid and precise generation of gorgeous looking terrains and scenes. Check it out on the Unity Asset Store.

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