Adam Guli

I am the CEO & C0-Founder of a start up mobile internet company called "Let's Powwow". The company was founded in January of 2010 in Beijing China with two of my friends and Co-Founders. I consider myself a dynamic and results driven leader, with a passion for international business development and management. Working in, and studying at world renowned institutions in the United States, Japan, and China, has broadened my concept of the way that international business should be run.

My vision is to take this experience and channel it into building a true multi-national company founded on the philosophy that only a difference in ideas stemming from a diverse cultural heritage can produce true innovation.

This vision is starting to be realized through the DNA of Let's Powwow stemming from the team that is part of its birth and growth. Comprised of a small talented group of people from all over the world (Italy, China, Switzerland, Columbia, Austria, Norway and the United States), Let's Powwow wants to be the first Global company that is non-demographic specific. It is this combination internationally minded people that I believe will set a new precedence on the way global businesses can be produced.