Adam Dudley

Adam Dudley

American entrepreneur and businessman, Adam Dudley, born October 30th, 1990 better known by his nickname, to close friends and family, "Hank" was born and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia. He is the last and youngest of four brothers along with two younger sisters. He was independently raised by his mother and grandmother.

Growing up Adam was always quiet and stayed to himself. He only spent time around people he trusted and mostly friends of the family.

At a young age Adam experienced the street life, he felt the only way out was resorting to this life. While being part of a small crew and getting involved in illegal activities these early experiences had a tremendous impact on his life, giving a unique first-hand experience, with a deep understanding of street life and its daily struggles. At the of 14 Adam was stabbed 3 times in the back by another student he was having problems with while walking home from school. Adam walked 3 blocks home after being stabbed, the knife was inches away from hitting his heart. After being stabbed Adam decided It was time to leave the street life alone and focus on what's more important.

Fortunately, the street life was not the only thing on his mind. Adam had plans of making big money and being his own boss but working for other people wasn't part of his plan, but options was very limited! The money he earned from the jobs he had went towards funding his ventues and taking care of everyday responsibilities.

His interest in owning his own business empire was sparked from very early on at the age of 18 when he decided to start his own Fashion ecommerce company providing top luxury Italian brands for women. Two years later Adam partnered with an Entrepreneur and web developer based out of Clifton New Jersey to form a web design and technology company developing websites and mobile apps, Unfortunately due to the lack of capital both companies was not successful.

Even though Adam remains unidentified to most people in the industry that never stopped him from making moves. As an entrepreneur Adam now ownes a Real estate investment company and has also gained interests in other billion dollar industries as well. Work aside, he has been extremely reserved about his private life and managed to keep all the moves that he makes under wraps.

Bio Last Updated: 11/6/2015