Adam Oesterle

Corporate Vice President in Sausalito, California

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Presently, I act as corporate vice president of the Sabre Companies and its affiliate, bioWALL – overseeing business development, marketing, product pipeline, and pilot operations.

I began my career in the mail room of the Gersh Agency in Los Angeles. I progressed through the agent training program and assisted in the career development of several notable feature film and network television actors. Eventually transitioning into production, I then worked under prominent film producer Alexandra Milchan as a development coordinator on various high-profile projects.

Concurrently, I provided support on several Sabre Companies bioterrorism response operations, including weaponized anthrax remediation, before segueing from the film industry into a full-time business development and project management role at the company. Over the course of seven years at the Sabre Companies, I have aided in the cultivation and implementation of cutting-edge technologies across several markets in the defense, medical, industrial, agriculture, and pharmaceutical industries.

Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, I spent most of my teenage years on a tennis court. I trained at IMG’s Bollettieri Academy and the Harry Hopman Academy - ultimately leading my high school team to a state championship. I have since traded tennis for squash, and attempt to keep competitive antics of times past (i.e. fist-pumps) to a minimum.

I met my wife, Ashley, while living in Los Angeles. Fortunately, she followed me to New York, where we lived for six years before recently returning west. We now live in Sausalito and will not be moving again soon.

At any available opportunity, we travel. We have ambled throughout the world, including East Africa, South America, the Middle East, Southern Asia, and Europe, but have many journeys together yet to come.

  • Work
    • The Sabre Companies, bioWALL
  • Education
    • Miami University