Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Adam Parsons was born in 1971 in Wales, where from an early age he expressed creatively through drawing, painting, lego blocks or plastic models. Most of his drawings were primarily from his imagination thankfully this beginning is still a foundation in his work today.

In 1991 he moved to Japan wanting a drastic change in culture and lifestyle to influence his drawings in dramatic ways. He received it. After being awarded the “Best New Illustrator” at Tokyo-Ten in ‘95 he decided it was time to push himself.

During the next brief 4 years Adam’s changes became more rapid

and moved from illustrator to surrealist artist into abstract.
Quite a feat producing over 200 pieces of work in one year.

Japan’s influence was ending as a painful divorce showed and he decided to move to the US in 1999. The emotional exploration that comes with drastic change is another crucial aspect in Adam’s art. Emotional voice became profound as he was learning photo imagery. Through digital enhancement his art could have multiple voices, interpretations, and this is now an important part of his artistry.

Adam has an astounding body of work primarily due to pushing himself past his own boundaries. A very important message in his pieces. He’s not been one to shy away from experience and his art is reflective of this. Adam thinks it’s important to push into the human constructs of how we see and interpret intimacy.

The overwhelming shallow perspective of sexuality in art has been a disheartening experience for Adam. The inter experience in relationships is at the core of his explorations and mostly take on a multi-intrepretive view.

He realized art was missing a bridge in helping others openly relate to art with sexual comes Intimatism, an art movement. Born from desire.

Isn’t desire really our heart’s expression showing we matter?

The desire to push through what’s not working.

The desire to be deeply penetrated into a profound awakening.

The desire of connection, of disruption, of unease, of pleasure, of pain, of bliss.

Desire is the heart of us and Intimatism is it’s expression.

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