Bruce Adams

I enjoy making personal goals and working hard to reach them, most of all I enjoy helping other people with their goals and reach their dreams.

I'm a coach and mentor, I'm passionate about helping other people succeed and carry on with a healthy life.

I joined 4 Life Research in 2012.

I remember when I was five years old laying a wake night after night with itchy eyes and irritating sinus. All through my life I have been exposed to trees, flowers and lots of grass. Mowing the lawn would encourage an allergy flare up.
I started taking Transfer Factor Plus, with in a week I noticed the difference in my health, the ichy eyes stopped and my breathing became normal.
I'm hooked on Transfer Factor Plus, sure is much better than steroids the Doctor subscribe for me too take.

I feel it's my respnsibility to share these products with people around the world.

Network marketing in it's true sense is about building mutually supportive relationships. 4Life is committed to translating success into service by giving back to those in need - service to customers and distributors, as well as our communities.

I invite you to join our team and I promise you, with 4 Life Research and my support you will be on your way to creating a healthy lifestyle, free of stress and financial worry for yourself.