Adam Seabrook

Co-Founder in Sydney, Australia

After dropping out of High School I started my first Internet company in 1996 (a dialup ISP). In 2006 I fell into recruitment after accidentally applying to a job with a recruitment agency which ended up being the best career move I ever made. Working mainly in Sydney and San Francisco I got the opportunity to recruit for Google, Atlassian, Symantec, Bigcommerce, Sun Microsystems, Unisys, Dell, CA, AAPT, Websense, Oracle, and others.

I spent the bulk of my time recruiting for startups so have oodles of war stories about recruiting in a very competitive environment.

My family have always been small business owners so Betterteam is a startup I co-founded which combines my passion for recruitment with my passion for helping small businesses.

Betterteam helps small businesses replace email and spreadsheets with a simple applicant tracking system. It helps them post jobs to multiple job boards and manage candidates in an easy to use dashboard. It’s also free for anyone to get started if you want to reach out for any reason. Always happy to chat.

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