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Tim Adams

Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

Hello! I'm currently a second year Horticulture student at Nottingham Trent University. Originally from Lincolnshire, I began my degree a little out of the blue with questionable interest and a slim knowledge of Horticulture. However, my fascination and attraction towards it has grown hugely, and continues to do so as I find my feet within its broad spectrum.

Personally, I have found a love for Plant Science and Food Security; incorporating the study of how plants can live sustainably and how we are going to feed the growing population. My decision to pursue this area of horticulture came about when studying plant science in my first year, as well as learning the facts and figures of our global population and the lack of resources we have to feed everyone. It is projected that the world’s population will increase until 2050 where it will reach in excess of 11 billion; 4 billion more than we are at current, meaning that many more people to feed.

I intend to go on to do a Masters degree course after completing my BSc (Hons) Horticulture top-up degree, and from there help to address the global issues and concerns of Food Security.

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