Adana Washington

Houston, Texas

My name is Adana Washington. I am a tarot reader.

But really, I’m a strategic provocateur.

I am amazing at simplifying things by getting you to ask yourself the right questions, cut through bullshit and get to the point. And I’ve devoted most of my life to learning and sharing information with others.

I am the creatrix of the Kundalini Tarot Deck, and author of The Sassy Tarot Little White Book, Tarot in Real Life, and Tarot Conversations. When I'm not working with tarot, I spend my days helping my fellow tarot readers as a web developer.

I'm here to remind you that you get what you focus on. I use tarot to change your focus so that you can get what you want. That promotion at work. That new house. That great partner. That happily ever after.