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Adan Bonilla

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Short summary

Over 5 years of office practice as a home locksmith. Well-known for being a single-minded team member providing over 100% work in everything.
Continually picking up new know-hows to develop my experience as locksmith to help make sure that the customers's apartments and corporations are impregnable 24/7 a day.
I am capable of talking efficiently with an extensive range of external and internal clients in literally any frenzied situation.

I gained de facto experience fixing, rekeying and replacing all kinds of locks, including unlocking door locks and repair of ignition switch problems.
As a business locksmith in Lansdowne PA, I have serviced thousands tasks that needed a professional Lansdowne locksmith.


Give rekey services of almost all locks

Release caught auto key in door

Repair various types of strongboxes

Replace lockout vehicle keys

Maintain all commercial security devices

Installing locks of all kinds including cash box by Mintcraft, cash box from Marksman, and FireKing large size wall safe

Dealing with lockout of almost any vehicle, be it 2014 Lincoln, Ford Fiesta, 1976 Bmw 6 Series Coupe or any other auto

Previous experience:

Lansdowne Locksmith Security - Lansdowne PA (Dec 2005 - 2015)

Lansdowne Locksmith Pros - Lansdowne, PA (May 2001 - Oct 2007)

The Pavilion shopping center - Lansdowne, PA (February 1995 - June 1996)