Adarsh Balaji


Hello. My name is Adarsh Balaji. I reside in Singapore and am 15 years old. I settled in this country when I was a young age of a few months and since then, my life has soared high to the current level that it has peaked at. My interests lie with reading books, watching movies, as well as having debates with my peers. It is these qualities which make me whom I am, and make me the person that I will emerge to become within the future.

"Life is a road with many forks for each decision we take in our period on this planet. Each path will be different, and the various encounters that one faces will mold their being into their extreme potential. However, the destination that one reaches at the end is same for all, and same as the end. For birth and death are simply two sides of a coin; the coin that represents life"

  • Work
    • National Liason of Singapore - Online Model United
  • Education
    • Overseas Family School