Additional Maths Academy

Is your son or daughter planning to study maths at A-level?

Will they need to get at least an 'A' in maths to be accepted onto their first choice university course?

Why wait until they begin their A-levels to start working towards that success?

The very reason the Additional Maths Academy has recently been set up in South Kensington/Chelsea is to offer a GSCE which mirrors much of the A-level Maths course.

The syllabus for CCEA Additional Mathematics GCSE, as taught at AMA, includes pure mathematics, mechanics and statistics. It is therefore, we believe, the best possible preparation for A-level Maths.

"The reason I am so passionate about encouraging young people to study Additional Maths GCSE is that students who do so just seem to connect better with A-level Maths than their peers," said Lynsey Graham, co-founder of the Additional Maths Academy.

"But don't take my word for it, the statistics speak for themselves: a student who has studied Additional Maths GCSE is 45% more likely to get an 'A' at A-level Maths. The figure is even higher at AS-level: a student is 50% more likely to get an 'A' at AS-level."

AMA's Additional Maths GCSE course starts this September (2012) and finishes next May/June (depending on the examination timetable). The course is open to all students either currently studying Maths GCSE or about to do so.

"It may only take nine months, but this course really can have a life-changing impact," said Lynsey Graham, who is a maths graduate of Queen's University in Belfast, one of the elite Russell Group of universities. "What I mean by that rather grand sounding statement is that having completed Additional Maths GCSE, your son or daughter will be 45% more likely to secure that all-important 'A' in A-level Maths. This in turn could set in motion a chain of events which sees him or her get into their preferred university and course..."

The AMA Additional Maths GCSE course consists of two hours' tuition each week with a maximum of twelve students in each class. Lessons will be scheduled at times which are convenient to students' other commitments. There will also be an additional class each week for any students who need or want extra help.

To find out more about AMA or CCEA Additional Maths GCSE, please contact Lynsey Graham on 07759831588 or email