Adeena Jamal Ahmad

A writer, humanitarian and seeker first followed by my educational interests in law. I am a Law student at Symbiosis International University,Pune and have made my little home here, with people who are family to me. I am an avid reader and can read anything the falls within the ambit of reading. A novel, newspaper, magazines, even blogs. For me words just take me into an odyssey of its own.

Extremely passionate about food, books and travelling. No matter how common these "hobbies" may seem, for me they are aspects of my life without which this existence may seem hollow. I love travelling to little places on the globe. And these little places with stories of their own are fascinating beyond measure. My parents have tried to keep me grounded ever since I was born . I am a person who enjoys extremities. I love the crowd but I need my space. I can dance till the wee hours but at the end of the day , I need the cup of tea where I can just sit back without succumbing to pressures of the mortal world. I may be Sluggish at a moment but might just jump back and be Zealous. Maybe surprising myself is one of the things I enjoy.

I am a staunch believer in karma. I understand the cycle of life. The zenith nor the nadir ever spares us.However I do live with the sole approach of living life to the fullest. I do not want to die saying "I wish I could do that.." I have still not experienced life to the fullest to conclude on what pedestal my life needs to be before I say quit. So for me life keeps going on for experiences never end.