Adele Sinclair

Adele Sinclair

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Hello, I’m Adele Sinclair.

I work as a wellness coach and trainer, a publisher, and a consultant to organisations who want to design and deliver great wellness programs.

I founded Wellness at Work Australia after personal experience that there are often too few resources for managers and professionals in large organisations who are either facing chronic stress at work or who simply want to increase their wellbeing and resilience to stress.

Back in my former career as a manager, I experienced job burnout twice; a result of chronic stress from work overload. At these times I found it difficult to find support and resources for myself and for my staff who were also showing signs of burnout.

This sparked my interest in work stress and mental wellbeing and led me to spend over ten years researching solutions that last for longer than a few days back in the office after a break. Having learned a wide range of strategies since that time, I now share these strategies with individuals and organisations through my business, Wellness at Work Australia.

I’m a book worm, a licensed wildlife rescuer and an Airedale Terrier tragic who loves spending time in nature and trying to make a positive difference in the world.