Adhelian Gufron Nurachman

Student in Indonesia

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Hey, I’m Adhelian Gufron Nurachman, you can call me Adhe or Gufron. I want to say thank you for gladly wasting your time to visit my page! Let's be friend :)

I was born in Blora, December 22st 1996 and currently living in Blora. I'm the only child. I'm a bachelor from Geological Engineering Department, University of Diponegoro. If you ask me why on earth I take Geology as my undergraduate study, is because I think this department is cool, tough, brave, and the most important is traveling frequently.

My hobby is listening music, cooking, and sometimes both cycling or jogging. From some of my hobbies, I most often listening music. Actually I can also play a musical instrument that is a guitar, but I am just an amateur and can only play some basic keys. I really adore a musician john mayer, because I think all the songs are very meaningful and nice to hear. Moreover, supported by his ability to play the guitar is extraordinary. The genre of john mayer's music is very unique, can be felt as a mix of blues, country, rock, pop, soul.

At the end I would like to share some quotes from me, among others:

"Waiting is not easy, but it's beautiful if we enjoy it"

"People don't realize this, but loneliness is underatted"

"Discomfort is the process leading to satisfaction"

"Skill will follow your passion"

"You can be lying or dishonest but Allah SWT knows everything about you"

"Every day will be better with a glass of tea, and will be more beautiful with a cup of coffee"

"Things end but memories last forever"

"Only Allah can turn people's heart"

"Fight your comfort zone for your better future'

"Positive vibes to amplify faith and ambition"

"Failure is an experience leading to the beginning of success elsewhere"

"Sudah lama kita memanjakan nafsu (keinginan), sekarang waktunya kita memanjakan batin (jiwa)"


Menghilang adalah pilihan terbaik untuk saat ini

Usaha dan doa adalah kunci untuk menggapai bintang bintang

Hidup itu pilihan, dan aku mencoba memilih jalan yang benar

Olahraga, makan sehat, disiplin, belajar tiada henti adalah cara bahagia

Dan yang pasti.....

"Experience is the best teacher"


"While still young don't be afraid to reach your goal"

"Skill will follow your passion"

"Skill will folow your passion"

"Skill will follow your passon"



Without the religion, you are nothing -zaf-