Bilde Hoffman

the reader, and as such, it must say exactly what you need it to say

Everybody wants to make more money. In reality, a lot of people wish to hit

upon something that makes them fabulously rich! And seemingly, among the

easiest roads to the fulfillment of those dreams of wealth is mail-order or

within the professional communities of-the company, direct mail marketing.

The only thing is, hardly anyone offers much real thought to the simple

Element of attempting to sell by mail - the writing of worthwhile classified ads.

If your mail-order business is always to succeed, you then must acquire the

Experience of creating classified ads that promote your product or services!

Several advertisers believe that writing classified advertisements is completely different

than writing longer print advertisements, that have a topic, human anatomy text and

Maybe a photo or two. However, to create a successful classified ad,

Most of the elements of effective marketing have to be present.

Big print adverts include a heading to gather attention, preliminary body

copy to see and generate interest, additional body copy to produce

Passion and want to make a purchase and a proactive approach that encourages

the reader to take the measures necessary to start the purchasing process.

In marketing circles, these four features tend to be given by the

acronym 'A.I.D.A.,' which stands for:

Attention (headline)

Attention (human body text)

Motivation (added body text)

Action (call to action).

So what makes a classified ad good or bad? To start with, it must attract

the reader, and as a result, it should say precisely what you want it to say.

Subsequently, it's to state what it says in the least possible quantity of terms

So that you can keep your operating costs in your budget. And thirdly, it

Needs to produce the required effects whether inquiries or sales.

Catching the reader's attention is your first goal. You should think

the reader is 'checking' the page on which your ad appears in-the company

of two or 3 hundred classified ads. Therefore, there's to be

Anything about your ad that causes him to avoid scanning and have a look at yours!

Therefore, the initial two or thr