Aadilla Dhoda

Student in South Africa

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I am a pre-service, education student currently living in South Africa. My interests range from music to education. I am also interested in travel, food, and movies.

Since the start of my academic career I have come to realise that my teaching philosophy as a pre-service teacher is consistently changing and if I may say, improving. From my practical experience, I now understand that a school is similar to a living and vibrant community. Without the assistance and contribution from the principal, teachers and learners, it will not be possible to maintain a conducive learning environment. Furthermore, I want to provide learners with the opportunity to make their own choices rather than give them directives as this will empower them to learn.

Moreover, I believe that each learner is unique and everyone learns differently. Therefore, I want to become a teacher who is able to accommodate each learner during the teaching and learning process. Lastly, I believe that learning is a life-long process. Hence, I want to instil the passion and enthusiasm in my learners to continuously challenge themselves and grow academically!

  • Education
    • University of Johannesburg