Adibah Bachtiar

Student in Malaysia

Try my food

Hey, I’m Adibah. I’m a student living in Malaysia. I am a fan of music, food, and arts. I’m also interested in travel and volunteering. You can try my food with a click on the button above but that is not literally my recipe :P I just googled it.

What do people appreciate about me?? hmm that is hard. I think I'm quite smart hahhaha plus I'm also funny (can lah). okay that's it. I can't think of any appreciation more.

What matters to me in education is to educate a student to love studying. To love to explore new things. To widen the students real ability. (means here not just on a piece of paper which is test). In life, the things that matters to me is to live your life fully. Push yourself more. Get out of your comfort zone (this i'm still trying.. pheeww)

The help that I need the most is to help me boost my self esteem because I really have problem with that. As you can see I talk(write) a lot here but don't be surprise if I'm quite an introvert in class. Yeah that's all. bye.