Adil Gunaslan


Hello, my name is Adil. Internet entrepeneur since 1997 and specialized in digital strategy, web / mobile product development, agile project management, SEO and web analytics. I have over 15 years of experience being an entrepeneur with a passion for innovation and directed many projects, startups and teams from concept to launch.

I studied Technical Business Management and Systems Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology.

I was involved with the introduction of mobile telecom in the Netherlands in the late 90s at Logica, working as project manager for KPN and quality manager for Telfort.

I founded Numotion in 2000, delivering internet and intranet projects for large and small businesses in various markets. These projects usually deployed Numotion WebManager CMS, a content management system created and sold by me in projects and through partners. I worked allround as consultant, project manager, web /mobile developer, UX designer, marketeer and customer support. Numotion was awarded a top 20 ranking for innovative Dutch internet companies by Intermediair.

Since 2009, I work as interim product manager, project manager, consultant, analyst or developer. I help businesses improve customer service, communication, competitive advantage and sustainability using the internet. Together we transform vision into online marketing and technology strategy, creative web / mobile solutions and lean, results-oriented roadmaps for projects and teams.

I work as linking pin between business and technology. I am a teamplayer, coaching, leading, enthousiastic and results-oriented, with consideration for all.

► Currently available as Product / Project Manager, Internet Strategist, Analyst, Engineer ◄

Experience Summary:

Freelance / Interim Product Manager, Project Manager, Engineer, SEO Consultant, Founder at Numotion

Founder of mobile startup Planno

Co-founder of social sport startup

Co-founder of events/ticketing startup

Full-service internet provider for i.e. GfK, Océ, Spar, NVvR

Original creator of Numotion WebManager CMS software

Internet Consultant and Webdeveloper at Aranea

Quality Manager at Logica for Telfort Amsterdam

Project Manager at Logica for KPN Utrecht

  • Work
    • Internet Entrepeneur
  • Education
    • Business Management & Systems Engineering at Eindhoven University TUe