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Adhitya surya saputra

Aditya Suryo Saputra : Born: 29.January.1988 lectures on: Persada Indonesia (YAI) .. Department: ECONOMIC Management .. 'Aditya Surya Saputra son was': * Both the liver * Understanding ma temen * Gw irritable * Cheap smile * Not arrogant * Rame and exciting * Fair patient * Faithful * Sometimes a bit stupid * Sometimes sensi * Sometimes silence really crazy sometimes * Be my self * My voice is shrill like bajaj * Forgetful * on time when meeting up the same friends and boyfriend! .. Emmm I have / follow Genk Car, Yg named LAC: Line Auto CLub genk .. in this car I used to be called Ateng .. Alias 'handsome guy' haha I'm so ashamed ..,. . I have a brother named guy, candra prakoso adi,. and I have a friend from a small name, Agy bi radana tahita, she guitarist .. and I also graduated from magazines caverboy 2006. . hehe .. E-mail : Facebook : Twitter : Windows live : Yahoo! Mesenger : Blogspot : Nokia ovi store : Phone book : +628785050×××× Status : In open a relationship Sex : ♂Male Bron on : 29.January.1988 Zodiac : ★ Aquarius