Aditya Konarde

Aurangabad, Maharashtra

We all have a dark side. Mine is just a little closer to the surface. To describe myself in short, I'm fun loving, sometimes really crazy, sometimes very serious, all depends on my mood. :) Don't ever try to judge me unless u're the closest friend of mine, cuz if u don't know me well enough, i ain't gonna tolerate any shit u speak about me. I like frank people, nd personally i am the same. Hate the fake people who try to show off dunno why.. I am against fights, cuz everything can be solved peacefully O:) but if u mess with me on your own, you'll suffer real bad ;) Overall a friendly person :) u dont have to worry about me irritating u with unwanted messages :P well, thats enough to describe myself :) want to know more? there's a chat box, use it! ;)

  • Education
    • Deogiri Institute of Engineering and Management Studies