Aditya Maheshwari

Student in Ahmedabad, India

I am a graduate in Mechatronics Engineering currently living in Ahmedabad, India. My interests range from entrepreneurship to innovation. Analysis in order to evaluate decisions across the public and private sectors have always fascinated me. I have loved reading about issues to learn about the why’s and what’s behind those steps you can say curiosity corrupted me. Ever since I joined University, I have played a vital role in capacity building and relationship building, to benefit the professional community.

While the same has been reason for past formal and informal studies, and a degree in Mechatronics Engineering will provide me the final tools to meet the challenges which I will face, and to be a strong advocate. I am also interested in travel, technology, and music. You can't say I am an avid traveler as I have met people travelling for more than two years but I have been to amazing places in India.

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  • Education
    • University of Petroleum & Energy Studies