Adlin Pazmino

Aspiring Neurosurgery PA/Urgent Care PA.

Graduate B.Sc. Biology/Chemistry 2015 from Governors State University, IL

Certified CNA

Currently pursuing admissions into a Master of Science (M.S.) in Physician Assistant Studies Program in 2016.

Animal enthusiast, and love of all things small, cute, big-eyed and furry!

Lover and player of Music; Flautist since 5th grade; Reading and writing and playing music is a newly rediscovered old hobby of mine.

Tito, is my dog's name. But you will more often hear me refer to him as my son. He is more spoiled than me as the youngest child In my family.

Family is everything.

There is a 95.4% chance that at this very moment in time, I am either laughing, smiling, or googling the details of something that fascinates me.

My ultimate goal in life after my career, is to travel the world from pole to pole, marvel at all of its wonders, and delve into all of its history, secrets and beauty with the people I love at my side.