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Adnan Cibari

Growing up in Tangiers, a coastal city enriched by many civilisations and cultures since the 5th century including the Romans and Phoenicians. To this day its diverse arts and culture have inspired his career and life path.

Adnan is currently studying music and media management in Finland and in his spare time works in the music industry as a manager to number of independent bands and musicians through his industry contacts internationally, but mainly from U.S and the U.K. He is also working as a Media & PR Ambassador for Playing For Change helping spread peace and create positive human connections from all over the world through Music.

Adnan is an easely adaptive and internationally oriented expat, who is experienced in working with different cultures and environments. An enthusiastic, motivated and inspirational person who loves to work with people and encourage them to strive for a better future for themselves. A friendly and open minded entrepreneurial spirit who likes to work in a team and also independently, but always for a common goal. 

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    • JAMK University of Applied Sciences
    • InHolland University of Applied Sciences