Adrena May

Athletics, Program Development, and Advising in Indiana

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A graduate of James Madison (JMU) and American Military University, Adrena earned her degrees in Communications and Athletic Administration. She pursued her calling of impacting the world of collegiate athletics, one mind at a time, with her unique philosophies on development and success.

Adrena is a true hybrid learner. Early in her athletic career, she sought opportunities to excel in her primary sport by taking on what she called secondary outlets. For her, it included learning and participating in other sports, practicing yoga or Pilates, and reading, which all served as a great source of secondary development.

She quickly learned how maintaining just one secondary outlet or combining competencies, could immediately have a positive impact on a primary outlet - main goal. It is this simple notion that sparked Adrena's career focus in overall student-athlete development.

Adrena believes that this concept applies to all facets of life. Through her lens, life is about continual learning and development. It is contingent upon the evolving set of choices, decisions, and lessons that we encounter. The challenge is being prepared for both favorable and unfavorable experiences. Having the mental and physical tools for overcoming those challenges is the key to personal success.

Adrena is a testament of that. Throughout her academic, athletic and professional career, Adrena set and worked hard to achieve many of her foundational goals which kept her grounded in her purpose. To name a few, Adrena:

-Excelled in her collegiate athletic career as a standing record holder
-Became an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc during the height of her athletic career
-Volunteered as a development consultant with James Madison and Indiana University athletics
-Worked with local students and professionals in her church's professional development program
-Serves in the United States Army as an Officer

Now, as a vibrant, change-agent professional in the field of Athletics, Adrena uses leadership, wellness and professional development concepts derived from her dynamic experiences to help student-athletes learn, conceptualize and strengthen their own ideals related to not only their sport, but their future.

By broadening her innovative approaches built upon her unique perspectives of diversifying student-athlete development, Adrena continues to find opportunities to live out her purpose of positively impacting student-athletes, one mind at a time.

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