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Adriaan Davel

I am a Maritzburg College Matriculant from Hilton South Africa with a huge love for sports, specifically cycling. I am currently employed as a deckhand/personal cycling training partner on a private yacht. I have been working on yachts for about 18 months, before that all I did was cycle and go to school. I am a Leo...that says quite allot about me, I love being involved in what is the latest active trends. I enjoy exercising and perfecting myself physically and mentally. I have big dreams and achieving my goals and success is a big deal for me, I love helping others succeed and better them selfs too. I am currently being coached by Todd Hancock and Nick Housley from Four2One Sports and also racing in the team colors. My big dream is to cycle for a professional international or South African cycling team. Being accepted and earning a honors degree or higher in Sport Science and Phycology or similar degrees preferably at and American based university is high up in my 'to do' list too, but also a local very well know prestigous Univerosty, Stellenbosch University has been a childhood dream for me.