Adriane Purdy

Web Developer in Seattle, Washington

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Hello, I'm Adriane. I'm a Seattle-based full-stack web developer driven to create functional, elegant applications, continually keeping the end user in mind. I've always had an affinity for computers, learning, and problem solving. I was drawn to programming because it is a wonderful combination of all three. Coding is like magic to me, and I wanted to peek behind the curtain to see how it worked. Although it is still magical to me (I don't know that I will ever lose that excitement, honestly), I am learning more about coding and programming every day, and I'm eager to continue my journey.

I'm a bit of a beer geek who loves live music, so when I'm not coding, you might find me at a tasting event or enjoying a local show. I also play a mean game of skee-ball if you're up for a challenge.

Please check out my portfolio and reach out to me at