Adrian Merrington

I am a Senior Associate Scientist and Assistant Professor at Michigan Molecular Institute (MMI) and Chief Technical Officer for Eco Bio Plastics Midland (EBPM), an MMI partnership with Eco Research Institute (ERI). I am a Chartered Chemist and a Chartered Scientist. I have been with MMI since 1992 when I joined as a Visiting Scientist and Postdoctoral Fellow after completion of his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at the University of Bradford (England). I am heavily involved in the plastics industry and have been a collaborator and principal investigator on a number of programs, specifically dealing in the areas of composites, additives, blends, plastics, inorganic fillers, rheology, colloids and particulates, plastics recycling and fuel cells. My achievements in these projects have led to 34 publications or presentations, numerous proprietary reports and a listing in Who's Who in Plastics.