Adrianna Mateo

Alt-Pop Artist in New York

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Adrianna Mateo is an alt-pop artist, solo violinist, and actress. The constant within her work is imbuing each artistic endeavor with methodical attention and unbound emotional investment.

As a performer, Adrianna has been hailed as a “rising artist” by The New York Times. Time Out New York praised her solo debut at the Bang On A Can Marathon as being “triumphant.” Live appearance highlights include The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Carnegie Hall, simultaneous runs at the Met Museum and Met Opera (in an acting role), and international tours with dates in Europe, South Africa, and Southeast Asia. She is currently writing new songs at Jungle City Studios, the Dramatists Guild Fund, and Face the Music at The Kaufman Center.

Growing up, Adrianna instinctively knew she was born into a world of opportunities not afforded to her parents who had to sidestep their creative inclinations for practical realities. At 8 years old, she asked her parents for a violin. She understood the weighty responsibility that came with the instrument: she had to make the most of the possibilities available to her through pursuing excellence in music.

With steely resolve Adrianna mastered the violin, clocking up to 6 hours a day in the practice room. Now, she’s performance proficient on 6 instruments, drawing from a diverse palette of inspirations. A select cross section of her influences include Bach, Debussy, Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans, Taylor Swift, Jeff Buckley, John Mayer, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jesse Eisenberg. She counts composer Nico Muhly, producer Bob Power, and violinist Renée Jolles among her supporters and mentors.

Adrianna formally announces her alt-pop career with the ethereal epic “Coney Island.” The song exudes the sweeping emotional dynamics inherent in classical music with passages that vacillate between lush strings, propulsive drums, burly guitars. “I want to make hearts race,” she says of her artistic intent.

At the core of her songs is a singer-songwriter's vulnerability. Her singing exudes a sweet longing – her voice is an instrument of pristine pitch and smoldering expressivity.

Sage wisdom and scrappy resourcefulness have been hallmarks of Adrianna’s creative odyssey. Many times in her life Adrianna has had a performance itinerary, but not a sure place to live. She’s couch-surfed, apartment-sat, and pet-walked to realize her artistic ambitions. She says: “If you want something, the opportunity always shows itself to you

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