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A versatile and passionate marketing executive, Adriano Meirinho is the CMO and co-founder of Celcoin. Residing in São Paulo, Brazil, he has almost two decades of experience in online marketing and internet business. He is an MBA graduate from the FIA with his degree in Business Administration. He also holds his Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Belas Artes. He is also a certified Neuro-linguistics Practitioner (NLP).

He was the first in Brazil to pioneer the practice of measuring online media performance and has since developed several methodologies related to online media performance that have changed the way that online marketing is done in Brazil. His entrepreneurial spirit and his inspiration to find new ways to innovate and influence the world around him sparked the beginning of his career and many entrepreneurial ventures.

Even before online marketing became popular in Brazil and when the first major online Brazilian companies were just starting to be established, Adriano was one of the first to learn and build his professional experience on both online marketing and information technology. Since then, he has gained 18 years of experience in marketing and advertising and has accomplished much by bridging both of these fields.

Prior to joining Celcoin, he spent 14 years as a Product and Strategic Marketing Director at Catho Online, the #1 job search website in Brazil that grosses around US $100 million annually. During his time at Catho, he led a record of success while directly overseeing 350 employees in his teams. To honor his accomplishments at Catho, during his management, Catho has received six Top of the Mind awards from 2006 through 2012 and three Ibest Awards from 2002 to 2004 which honored his commitment to creating an exceptional workplace and innovative business. He also oversaw several departments at Oppa, a smart-design furniture company where he served as the Marketing Director & CTO.

Through the years Adriano has spent in marketing, he has built the foundation of his professional experience on leadership, innovation and teamwork. Passionate about building a team based on loyalty and cohesiveness so that they can accomplish the best together, he is also inspired to continue searching for new ways to take online marketing, brand management, team building, product development and online media to the next level. Simply put, his vision is to create continuous and positive change in Brazil’s marketing field using all the

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    • Celcoin
  • Education
    • ETE Getulio Vargas
    • Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo