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Adriano Quast

Web Developer in São José dos Campos, Brasil

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science by the Federal University of São Paulo (Universidade Federal de São Paulo - UNIFESP), I'm passionate by the use of Soft Skills applied to the software development.

I've been working with SCRUM for more than 3 years in a small variety of projects. I've learned how to work in group, be part of teams, be managed and also manage the team when required.

I rely on prototyping solutions and the user-experience, with partial deliveries to ensure the right directions of the project before working on a final architecture. Which makes the project more flexible in it's early stages, when the client or user may suggest changes.

Like to dive into the user's needs, to understand the problem and connect to the required mindset, to be sure that the requirements were correctly understood.

I prefer to work with a team, rather than work solo, because it's possible to talk about the problem, review each other's work and be sure that no one has missed anything, adding reliability to the program.

I don't have designer skills, but I can easily call a co-worker which can help me to solve User-Interface requirements.

Any doubt feel free to get in contact!

  • Work
    • GTAC Solutions
  • Education
    • Federal University of São Paulo